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Murdannia loriformis (Beijing grass) relief of eczema - 100 capsules  

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Murdannia loriformis (Beijing grass) relief of eczema 100 capsules

Article code: Murdannia loriformis

Murdannia loriformis (Beijing grass) relief of eczema  100 capsules

Compound Murdannia loriformis (Beijing grass) capsules
for relief of oozing eczema

100 capsules 150 mg

Hailed as “Grass from heaven”, or commonly known as Beijing Grass, Murdannia loriformis has been traditionally used in Chinese healing methods. 

Murdannia loriformis has versatile curative powers _ it is said, for instance, to help heal respiratory diseases and to help rid the body of poisons. It became famous in 1984 when a cancer patient recovered after drinking fresh grass juice. Many cancer patients now take the herb to reduce side-effects from modern medicine.

According to research by scientists from Mahidol University's Faculty of Pharmacy, the biological properties of the plant can help stop the growth of cancerous cells in the breast and intestines, to a moderate degree. It has also been shown that this kind of grass helps boost the immune system. The grass is considered a safe medicine by the World Herbal Organization’s herbal standards.

Pharmacognostic action and trials:
In the author’s research team at the University of Khon Kaen led by Professor Chayan, Murdannia loriformis is the subject of a specially intensive research in this faculty in close co-operation with all the other faculties of medicine in this country in spite of the fact that the ‘chemotherapy lobby’ has already gained ground in Thailand, where nevertheless, chemotherapy is more precisely applied than in the West and not as a matter of course in every case. 

A Thai book by the author’s colleagues (Supaporn Pitiporn, Soodjai Bromkerd) in this research team reports the use of Murdannia in cancer treatment for over 25 years. There have even been reports of cures that have successfully been carried out exclusively with Murdannia. It therefore seems obvious that Murdannia loriformis is an important piece of the complex pattern of cures and therapies for cancer10 and to summarize, it can be concluded that Murdannia is a perfectly suitable adjuvant for radiation and chemotherapy

Current research shows Murdannia loriformis to have these following benefits:
For relief of oozing eczema due to lymphatic disorders, Releases toxins in the body, Increases immunity, prevent the growth of some cancer cells.

Medical/ Supplement Fact
For relief of oozing eczema due to lymphatic disorders

Recommended dosage:
2 capsules, 3 times daily, after meal.

Active ingredients per capsules:
Murdannia loriformis 150 mg

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