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Mulberry Herbal Tea - 40 bags  

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Herbal Tea

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Mulberry Herbal Tea 40 bags

Article code: 40 Bags Mulberry

Mulberry Herbal Tea  40 bags

Mulberry Herb Tea

40 Tea Bags

Mulberry Herb Tea reduces illness, lowers blood sugar levels and relieves headaches, fevers, colds, or coughs. 

Mulberry (Morus Alba) Herb Tea is a natural anti-oxidant, which will enhance the body’s immune system, reduce the risk of contracting coughs, colds or headaches, improve blood circulation around the body and it is very beneficial to Diabetes suffers, for lowering blood sugar levels. 

Place 1 Mulberry Herb Tea bag in a cup and add boiling water, then let brew for 10 minutes. 
Drink one tea bag at a time, 3 times a day.

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