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Insomnia, stress relief  

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Insomnia, stress relief

Insomnia and stress relief
Insomnia can be a disorder in its own right, but often it is a symptom of some other disease or condition. Half of all those who have experienced insomnia blame the problem on stress and worry. In the case of stress-induced insomnia, the degree to which sleep is disturbed depends on the severity and duration of the stressful situation. Sometimes this may be a disturbing occurrence like loss of a loved one, loss of a job, marital or relationship discord or a tragic occurrence. Anticipation of such things as weddings, vacations, or holidays can also disturb sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep or remain asleep. Insomnia can also occur with jet lag, shift work and other major schedule changes.

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Compound cassia siamea for insomnia promotes natural sleep 100 capsules

Compound cassia siamea for insomnia promotes natural sleep    100 capsules

Compound cassia siamea
for insomnia and promotes natural sleep

100 capsules 250 mg

Cassia siamea contains anhydrobarakol, a natural substance that almost resembles the synthetic benzodiazepine group. Research shows that cassia siamea helps reduce stress, and promotes natural sleep.

Cautions: not suitable for pregnant women, people who take sleeping pills and people who take liver medication. Do not take with alcohol.

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