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Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum  

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Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum

Article code: 15 Tea bag/box

Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum

Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea

15 Tea Bags

Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Flavored is produced from natural Herbs. Herbal Infusion Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea is a Asian traditional formula and although it is a laxative type weight loss product, it does not usually cause or induce diarrhoea.

Each bag (2.80g) Contains:
Senna Leaves 53.57%, Chrysanthemum 28%, Senna Pods 17.86%

Drop one Fitne Slimming Herbal Tea bag in a cup of boilling water and wait 10-20 minutes before drinking. 
Drink before bedtime and only 1 bag a day

It is not recommended to continue to regular consumption of Slimming Herbals, for more than 3 months at a time

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