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Curcuma xanthorrhiza relieve menstruation cramps - 100 capsules  

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Curcuma xanthorrhiza relieve menstruation cramps 100 capsules

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Curcuma xanthorrhiza relieve menstruation cramps  100 capsules

Curcuma xanthorrhiza relieve menstruation cramps

100 Capsules 141 mg

Curcuma xanthorrhiza, a traditional medicine for women, has been used to treat and supplement women for years. Currently, most of the cultivation curcuma xanthorrhiza are in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines. In Java the plant is known as wild ginger.

The main content of which is owned ginger are proteins, carbohydrates, and essential oil consisting of camphor, glucoside, turmerol, and curcumin. Recently, curcumin expressed as a substance that can make people long life because his usefulness as anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory).

Relieves irregular menstruation, menstruation cramps, enhance kidney function and anti-inflammatory, acne, increased appetite, anti cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, anemia, anti-oxidants, cancer prevention, and anti-microbial

Curcuma xanthorrhiza (ginger) can also lower:
high cholesterol levels, anemia / anemia, blood circulation, blood clots, malaria, fever, measles, aching rheumatic pain, arthritis, back pain, laxative menstruation, vaginal discharge, constipation, hemorrhoid, increase appetite, cough, asthma, sore throat, inflammation of the respiratory tract, dermatitis, eczema, acne, increase stamina, gallbladder inflammation and gallstones.

Recommended Dosage: 
1-2 capsule, 3 times daily, after meal.

Active ingredients per capsules: 
Curcuma xanthorrhiza 141 mg.

Pregnant women are not advised to take this product.
Do not take during menstruation.

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