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Terms and Conditions  

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Terms and Conditions

Body Care Made in Asia
27/3 Moo3 Klong Son, Chang, Trat 23170 Thailand

Website: http://body-care.made-in-asia.net 

Article: You must agree to these terms and conditions before purchase. 


These conditions are for every product and every agreement between Body Care Made in Asia and the Buyer. If you do not agree with any of our terms or conditions, you may contact us via email or by fax and we will be happy talk to negotiate an alternative agreement.
Article 1 Personal Details

1. Body Care Made in Asia assures that they will never share, loan, rent, or sell any of your personal details such as, name, address, credit card details, or email address to any third party.

2. The only Exception for number 1 is that your Postage Details will be written on your parcel when posted.

3. If you would like your personal information removed from our data base, please inform us by fax or via email.

Article 2 Quotes:

1. If you have any products quoted by Body Care Made in Asia, we will honour the prices on our quote for a period of 14 days.

2. The delivery time to receiving our products is only an estimated time of delivery and may vary slightly from country to country. We will not be responsible for any order that takes longer than expected and these orders may not be cancelled, by the Buyer, in the unfortunate case that the Product has taken longer than expected. 

3. Our quoted prices do not include your country's Tax, Government Charges or any Customs Charges that may be imposed by some countries.

Article 3 Delivery

1. All of our Products come from our own stock and if the Product is not in stock, it will be specified within the Advertising for that product.

2. All of the Products on our Website will be shipped to you directly from Thailand, so please allow a sufficient amount of time to receiving your order.

3. All of our products will be shipped as Certified International Priority Air Mail and must be accepted and signed for by the receiver. If a Product is not accepted or signed for by the receiver and it is sent back to us, the Buyer must pay the Postage Costs to have it re-posted if they still would like it and there will be no refunds offered if the order is cancelled.

4. Body Care Made in Asia will Ship all of our Products as Certified International Priority Air Mail, free of charge, but if you would like products sent by an alternative Service, you must inform us before making the purchase and you will be required to pay all of the associated costs of the alternative Service you have chosen.

Article 4 Delivery Time

1. Body Care Made in Asia will give you an estimated time of delivery, but it may vary slightly, due to different Postal and Handling Services in different counties. 

2. If you purchase a Product from Body Care Made in Asia that is not currently in stock, you must allow us a reasonable amount of time to deliver it.

3. The estimated time of delivery starts only when you're Personal Information and full payment has been received. 

Article 5 Partial Deliveries           

1. Body Care Made in Asia reserves the right to send partial deliveries. If for some reason certain Products are not in stock, or in the case that orders are too large to post all at one time we may need to send Products separately.

Article 6 Our Rights to Cancel Orders 

1. Orders may be cancelled by Body Care Made in Asia if payments for Products have not been received within 10 days after placing your order.

2. Orders may also be cancelled by Body Care Made in Asia if the Product is no longer available to us, or production has been discontinued by the Manufacturer.

Article 7 Complaints and Damaged Products 

1. The Buyer must check their Product(s) within 3 hours of receiving it to make sure that: 

Their Product(s) are correct
Their Product(s) are not damaged
The quantities ordered are correct

2. If any of the (a.b.c.) above are not correct, Body Care Made in Asia must be informed immediately either by fax or via email.
Article 8 Price

1. The Prices advertised by Body Care Made in Asia are;

Article 9 Payments

1. Payment must be made within 10 days following your order, we will not make any exceptions.

2. Payments will only be accepted via the Payment Options that we have advertised. 

3. Payments will only be accepted in Euro, unless you make prior arrangements with Body Care Made in Asia to
accept and agree on an alternative currency.  

Article 10 Our responsibilities

1. Body Care Made in Asia will only be responsible for damage Products received, if they were packed unsatisfactorily by us.  

2. Body Care Made in Asia will only refund payments for damaged Products, if instructed from your Personal Insurance Company. Any refund given will be minus our Cost Price for the Product(s) and less our Postage Cost.

3. Body Care Made in Asia will not be responsible for any Products that have been sent and are lost in the post or not received, or are damaged in transit.