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Body Care Made in Asia has compiled a great range of high quality, locally produced products that are suitable for Wholesale, Retail and promotional type use.

On our Website you are able to purchase products in bulk quantities for promotional or re-sale use or as individual lots for your own personal use.

You will be able to take advantage of our great “made to order service” for promotional type products and our prompt free global shipping service that is available for all of our products.
Body Care Made in Asia is dedicated to provide quality products, low prices, excellent customer service, secure transactions and a new and unique shopping experience.

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Our Specials

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Pueraria Mirifica CapsulesPueraria Mirifica Capsules
Pueraria Mirifica
Pueraria Mirifica Cream
200 Capsules Pueraria Mirifica
1 Tube Pueraria Mirifica Cream 
total 100 Gram

Normal € 67,00

Now only € 60,85

Pueraria Mirifica CapsulesPueraria Mirifica CapsulesPueraria Mirifica Capsules
300 Capsules Pueraria Mirifica
300 Capsules 
Pueraria Mirifica

Normal € 53,49

Now only € 48,31
Pueraria Mirifica (White Kwao Krua) can stiffen and tighten the Breasts. It nourishes your skin, leaving it Healthy, Soft, Silky and Smooth.
It can restore Hair Color Loss and leave your Hair feeling Soft, Smooth, and Shiner.

Counterpain Warm 120 gm
6 Tubes 120 Gram
Counterpain Cool 120 gm
6 Tubes 120 Gram
Counterpain Plus 50 gm
6 Tubes 50 Gram
Counterpain Warm

Normal 6 tubes € 83,88
Now only € 66,68
Counterpain Cool

Normal 6 tubes € 88,50
Now only € 69,68
Counterpain Plus

Normal 6 tubes € 119,52
Now only € 89,57

Slimming Tea
50 Bags/Box
Slimming Capsules
20 Capsules/Box

Fitne Slimming
20 Bags/Pack

4 Pack  56,72

Now € 48,83

6 Boxes  64,50

Now € 56,76

6 Pack  60,24

Now € 56,19